Open Carry Advocate Stands Ground Against Toddler Sons

This past Sunday, Shawn Fuller, a 31-year-old open-carry advocate from Iredell County, North Carolina, shot and killed his two toddler sons, ages 3 and 4, after a domestic dispute with his wife. Fuller is in critical condition at a nearby hospital, having shot himself in the head.

Fuller had apparently spent his day shooting at bottles and cans in his backyard before getting into a fight with his wife, who says she fled fearing her own safety. Police found Fuller and his two dead sons after receiving a report from a neighbor that an intoxicated person was firing weapons.

His Facebook page, which has since been set to private, featured these charming memes:


Oh, I don’t know. Maybe by murdering two toddlers? I find that pretty offensive!


And what a hero he was! For his children!


That one … is a little too on the nose.

A woman who knows Fuller says he refused to go any place where he couldn’t bring his gun. As far as we know, Fuller has never used his gun to defend himself against anything, turning it only on his two toddlers.

The whole gist of the open-carry advocate thing is that these people believe that they are the very necessary “good guys with guns” meant to keep the “bad guys with guns” in check. Those of us who fear guns are told that we must trust that people like Shawn Fuller are “responsible gun owners” and that we must respect this and believe them when they say it’s true.

If Shawn Fuller wakes up, I really hope someone asks him why we should put our trust in people like him. I want that answered.

The fact that this happens pretty damned often really shakes this “trust” I’m supposed to have. It would be a lot easier to believe those who oppose gun control if they did not so very often prove that gun control is, in fact, quite necessary.

Our thoughts go out to the loved ones of those two little boys.

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