Now You Can Shove A Bloody Tampon In Donald Trump’s Gaping Maw

Ever since Donald Trump tried to blame Megyn Kelly’s line of questioning at the GOP debate on her period, by saying that she had “blood coming out of her wherever,” I’ve been fantasizing about ways to rain menstrual hellfire down upon him. I’m still toiling with the idea of taking up a collection of menstrual cup contents and used tampons, gaining access to a Trump event and drowning the fucker in menses, “Carrie”-style, but that’s a bit ambitious and there are some logistics to work out.

While awaiting further instructions (stand by, my blood moon sisters), I suggest shoving your used tampons in Trump’s gaping maw and cackling to yourself at the thought of the Donald choking on a bloody cotton uterine lining popsicle. Fernando Sosa, the guy who used his 3D printer to make those amazing Donald Trump butt plugs, has crafted this flawless tampon disposal unit, which you can purchase for $27.99. Suck it, Trump. [Mic]