Man Poops Himself On The Dance Floor While Trying To Impress Some Ladies

A man who knows how to dance is a rare find. Far too many dudes who try to impress women with their smooth moves end up clearing, not owning, the dance floor. Take, for example, this ladies man, who was captured on CCTV footage at a club in Cardiff, UK, showing off his “mastery” of a dance move apparently known as a “slut drop,” which involves dropping one’s ass to the floor. Our slut-dropping hunk executed the move once … then twice … and then hoping the third time would be the charm, he dropped it real low once more. And when he came back up he was clutching the butt of his pants, having apparently unleashed his bowels in the process.* Look at him scurry away!

Lest you think that something less stinky is actually going on, his friend did him a solid (ugh) by confirmed to The Mirror., “He was trying so hard to impress the opposite sex that he ended up dancing the crap out of himself. He had a bad stomach the night before … He wasn’t going to go but I forced him to come, so partly my fault!” I’m sure he appreciates you making things extra clear to the press too, pal.

Anyway, moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to let loose on the dance floor — just not too loose if you know what I mean. [The Mirror]

* Two poop-related posts in one day? How did I get so lucky?!