Just Look At This Asshole: Chris Christie Won’t Help Trans New Jerseyans Because It’s Too Inconvenient

One of the biggest challenges transgender people face is the fact that their legal documents don’t match their gender. A trans woman applying for a job, for instance, has to mark her gender on her application and then on her hiring documents. But if her birth certificate reads “male,” then her driver’s license will read “male,” and the discrepancy between her actual gender (female) and the gender that was marked for her when she was born (male) becomes a giant obstacle to actually getting hired. It’s a headache for her, and potential employers and landlords and doctors have historically refused to deal with that discrepancy.

So you’d think that, for the sake of constituent well-being, politicians would be all right with creating ways for transgender individuals to change the gender on their birth certificates. After all, those individuals know best who they are, right?

Not according to Chris Christie, who’s just vetoed a bill for a second time that would make it easier for New Jerseyans to change the gender on their birth certificate. Despite all the potential benefits of the bill – easier access to housing, employment, and medical care for a group of his constituents who are underserved – he said that the bill had the “potential to create legal uncertainties” and therefore was a no-go.

Remember when, at the GOP debate, Christie said that “We have got to stop worrying about being loved and start worrying about being respected”? I’ve got neither love nor respect for him, personally.


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