I Want To Go To There: This South Korean Poop Cafe

For years, a friend and I have had a long-running joke about our desire to launch a poop and fart-focused blog, THE online destination for all the bowel-related news you could ever want, from the lady who auctioned a jar containing (allegedly) the smell of her fart, to the study which said beards are basically feces traps, to trendy new styles in toilet paper. And while that blog still has yet to make its silent but deadly entrance on the internet, thanks to our constipated and busy schedules, I already know where our international offices will be located — the Ddo-ong Café in Seoul, South Korea. Why? Oh, because for some reason, this Poop Cafe sells coffee served in toilet mugs and pastries shaped like gently coiled turds, full of red bean paste, chocolate and hazelnut cream.

Lexi from the blog Seoul Searching discovered the Poop Cafe during her travels and at first was a bit disappointed by its otherwise normal decor — if you’re not the kind of person who walks around with one eye peeled for poop, you might not even notice how crappy the joint is. But look closer, and poop abounds, albeit in tasteful ways.


There’s the squat toilets that have been turned into pots for flourishing Bonzai trees and other plants (above); little poop paintings on the walls and shelves; a tree with paper poop decorations; and plush poops in various colors and prints (even plaid!) to, I dunno, plop on your head or something (below).


Basically, it’s a shit lover’s paradise and I love it. [Seoul Searching via Fusion]