Woman Subjected To Forced Vaginal Search During A Traffic Stop

When Houstonian Charnesia Corley was pulled over for running a stop sign this past June, a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy claimed that he smelled marijuana in the car. Corley was cuffed and put into the back of a squad car while the deputy searched her car, and when he found nothing, he ordered a female deputy to perform a vaginal cavity search. Yes: Not a pat-down, they went straight to a vaginal cavity search while Corley was handcuffed and detained with no evidence on the side of the road.

Corley hesitated, which the deputies called “resisting.” Corley told the female deputy “No,” and specifically did not give consent for a vaginal search. When Corley stood up, the deputy threw her to the ground, restrained her, and forcibly opened her legs to perform the vaginal search. Corley was then arrested for possession of marijuana, although where the marijuana was found hasn’t been disclosed.

Corley and her attorney are alleging that this was an unconstitutional search, and, as it turns out, Texas cops have a history of performing warantless roadside vaginal searches.

This is a prime example of why the “Comply now, contest later” strategy of complying with the cops and filing a complaint later can’t always apply: Even if Corley had acquiesced, she still would have been bullied into an unwarranted, roadside vaginal cavity search. There was no lesser of two evils, here — once the deputies got it in their heads that they were going to either intimidate or physically force their way into her vagina, it was just going to happen, regardless of her constitutional rights.


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[Image via KTRK]

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