“Gossip Girl”‘s Kelly Rutherford Accused Of Kidnapping Her Two Children

Kelly Rutherford, who played Dan and Jenny’s mom on “Gossip Girl,” has been embroiled in a bitter “Not Without My Daughter”-esque custody dispute with her ex, Daniel Giersch, for the last few years, and it just got extra, extra ugly. Because Giersch cannot live in the United States legally right now, he has had temporary primary custody of their two children, Helena and Hermes, who live with him in Monaco. As part of the arrangement, Rutherford got custody of the two kids for the summer — but then failed to return the two kids when her time was up. Rutherford has now been accused of kidnapping, and with both the California and New York courts saying that the case is no longer their jurisdiction — they say it’s up to Monaco, I guess? — she and the kids are apparently living in exile. She says that he violated their shared custody arrangement by recently filing for sole custody. This whole situation sounds horrible, especially for those two kids. [People]

Calm down, everyone! Meek Mill has not answered Drake’s latest diss by putting a bun in Nicki Minaj’s oven after all. Nicki apparently calls Meek her “baby father” as a term of endearment, and that her womb is empty — for now. [TMZ]

The youngest member of the Kardashian klan is now legal! Kylie Jenner turned 18 yesterday and celebrated over the weekend with a lavish party that included a cake shaped like an enormous pair of lips and a $260K Ferrari — a gift from her boyfriend Tyga. [Dlisted]

Have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West already decided to name their unborn son … wait for it … drumroll … EASTON? [E! Online]

Speaking of the Kardashians, this news anchor CANNOT DEAL WITH THEM ANYMORE. [Us Weekly]

Sam and Nia, the YouTube vlogging couple that announced they were pregnant and then that they had miscarried within a matter of days, say they would announce another pregnancy just as quickly in the future. “We don’t regret it at all, especially considering miscarriage is such a taboo subject. A lot of people feel they need to wait to announce their pregnancy but when you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant,” said Sam. “It shouldn’t be something people need to hide.” I appreciate the sentiment, especially as it relates to the silence surrounding miscarriages, but the couple has also made no secret about how both videos have been good for business — so I continue to feel super squicked out by this whole thing. [People]

Melissa Gilbert, aka Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie,” is running for Congress in Michigan. I don’t really care about this, I just hope that her campaign slogan includes the words “Half Pint.” [Us Weekly]

Yesterday, Gawker published an obnoxiously condescending op-ed from Hamilton Nolan about Black Lives Matters protests disrupting Bernie Sanders’ campaign events. (I’m not linking to it, because it was crap.) Today, Jason Parham responds. I recommend skipping the former in favor of reading the latter twice. [Gawker]