Ben Affleck Was Cavorting With The Nanny While His Wife Cavorted With His Kids

Ben Affleck is shtupping his nanny. He has been shtupping his nanny for some time now. Page Six now reveals that Affleck was flying his nanny out to Las Vegas, ostensibly to shtup her far the fuck away from the prying eyes of the mother of his children. Writes Page Six:

Ouzounian had been in the Bahamas with Affleck, 42, and his unsuspecting, now-estranged actress wife, Jennifer Garner, 43, before the pair’s hush-hush jaunt to Sin City on June 27 for a poker tournament.

Affleck, an avid gambler, had initially asked Ouzounian to join him on a flight back to LA from the Bahamas — while his clueless spouse stayed behind with their three kids, a source said.

So, okay. Say you’re the nanny. You’re stuck! In the Bahamas! With no way to get home, oh no. Naturally, if your employer, who you’ve been fucking on the side for god knows how long, offers you a ride home on his super-sick private jet with handsome football man and deflated-ball enthusiast Tom Brady, you’re not going to turn it down, right? I mean, that’s super nice of Ben! What a solid, upstanding man. Besides, if he says it’s okay, then it’s okay.

What’s super-extra-triple shady about this is the brief Vegas pit stop for a gambling tournament and the fact that Affleck “hid” his nanny/lover, perhaps in a broom closet or a penthouse suite high above Sin City, where she sat, trapped like an animal in a prison of her own making, watching the neon lights glisten against the stark black of the desert sky.

Why am I fucking Ben Affleck, really? she might have — should have – asked herself. “He’s not that cute. Also, he’s kind of a dick.”

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