This Week In Snake Oil: FATwater

This might be the most atrocious thing I’ve ever heard hyped as a weight loss product: The creator of “bulletproof coffee” – coffee with butter or oil in it, blech – has developed something called FATwater under the same premise. The product is water with coconut oil infused into it, and according to the lovely people at TIME who tested it so that we don’t have to, it tastes predictably like lotion.

Here’s Dave Asprey on the purpose of this … thing:

“Drink a glass of water, and some of it will absorb and some of it won’t. But when your body sees that fat, it says, ‘Oh, come on in, this is pure energy.’ It brings the water in with the fat.”

So, Dave, what you’re saying is that the human body, which is 60 percent water, doesn’t absorb water well without the help of some godawful-sounding oil beverage? Hmm. By that logic, wouldn’t we have all died sometime in the last 200,000 years of human existence? Also, inasmuch as carbohydrates are “pure energy” just as much as fat is – fat and carbohydrates both being caloric and sources of energy – couldn’t we all just drink orange juice and get water and energy and be better off for the Vitamin C?

I mean, I’m no scientist, so take this all with a grain of salt. But then again, neither is Dave Asprey. So maybe we should all just drink water and not pay $3.95 a bottle for it to taste like mouth-coating horror.


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