This Menstruating Marathoner Is Making A Splash

London marathoner and M.I.A. drummer Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon this past April while menstruating freely. This sounds like zero fun to me, but Gandhi views it differently, according to a blog post she wrote about it that’s been going viral:

“Around us we saw other people exhibit acts of pain and persecution — running barefoot, running while singing karaoke, running with a 40-lbs backpack, and one guy even running as Jesus with a huge wooden cross on his back! Everyone was running for their own personal mission. And all of a sudden it felt entirely appropriate that I got my period on marathon day.”

Appropriate, because Gandhi cares deeply about societal norms around menstruation. The blog post points out the fact that many women don’t have access to pads and tampons, and that most cultures ask women to hide and be ashamed of our periods. So fuck it, Gandhi says – she decided to use the marathon as a way to buck against those norms, because “If there’s one person society can’t eff with, it’s a marathon runner. You can’t tell a marathoner to clean themselves up, or to prioritize the comfort of others.”

And, of course, everything turned out fine – Gandhi finished the race with her teammates, running for a breast cancer charity, and never felt better:

“I recall the strength to channel positivity, to value working as a team over working individually. I think about goal-setting and executing. I think about pain and fear, and what it feels to overcome those. And I think about feminism, body-positivity, and having the ovaries to practice what you preach.”


[h/t Marie Claire]

[Image via Medium/Kiran Gandhi]

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