Kickass Woman Of The Day: Mary Engelbreit, Children’s Illustrator

Mary Engelbreit, St. Louis, MO native, author of benignly pleasant children’s books like Life Is A Chair of Bowlies, and maker of the kind of art you see in your Aunt Eileen’s powder room, is causing a bit of a ruckus with her recent illustrations, posted on Facebook, in honor of the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson:

It’s been a year since unarmed Michael Brown was shot and killed in the street by a policeman. The protests about his…

Posted by Mary Engelbreit on Thursday, August 6, 2015

The comments on this perfectly fine and frankly awesome work from a mild-mannered illustrator are a mixture of pleasantly supportive and incredibly terrible:

“Hands up Don’t Shoot was and is a LIE. A police officer murdered with his own gun by a whacked out thug is the alternate ending for this incident. I am no longer your fan”

“While I commend your work against racism, Michael Brown was reaching for the officer’s gun, which was proven many many times by both black and white investigators, he is not a hero and should not be paraded out as one. He was a criminal trying to kill a cop. That is what he was.”

There are a lot of very nice comments out there, but the liberal sprinkling of mean was enough to perhaps spur a reaction from Engelbreit, who followed up her first post with the following:

Regardless of the details of Michael Browns actions,none of which deserved the death penalty, by the way, his death made…

Posted by Mary Engelbreit on Friday, August 7, 2015

A lot of the comments go on to denounce Engelbreit for “selling out,” and using this issue to sell more of her artwork, but really, if you had any idea how ubiquitous her stuff is, then it’s clear that she’s not doing this for any explicit money grab. Mary Engelbreit doesn’t need any more money. It’s refreshing to see an artist make a stand for what she believes in and it’s even nicer to watch her explicitly not give a fuck what her fan base thinks when they are clearly in the wrong. Keep on fighting the good fight, Mary! For this, you are our kickass woman of the day. [h/t Buzzfeed]