John Oliver, Nick Offerman & Laverne Cox Have Made The Best Sex Ed Video Ever

John Oliver addressed our country’s appalling sex ed standards on the latest “Last Week Tonight,” including and especially the dangers of abstinence-only education. He points out that not only are abstinence-only sex ed programs ineffective to the point that it would be better to not be educated on sex at all than to be educated via an abstinence-only program, they’re also incredibly sexist. One video the “Last Week Tonight” team found compared a non-virgin on her wedding night to a dirty shoe (the whole football team wore it, ha ha ha ha KILL ME), and implied that it was a woman’s job not to have sex before marriage not because abstaining from sex is one of many ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy or the contraction of STDs, and not because some people just don’t want to take on the responsibility and vulnerability of having sex until they’re in a committed relationship, but because it’s women’s job to protect their future husbands’ fragile egos, which will be irrevocably scarred by their wives having had sex with someone else. Of course.

Oliver’s solution? A new, better sex ed video for the modern day, featuring Nick Offerman, Laverne Cox, and other very funny people. It’s genuinely better than the sex-ed videos I had to watch even with a comprehensive sex-ed program in my high school. Can we get this circulating to our ninth-grade science teachers?


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