Hillary Clinton Is Pushing For Loan-Free Tuition In Public Universities

Hillary Clinton is announcing a plan to make college affordable under a Clinton administration, which involves raising $350 billion in tax revenue from high-income taxpayers in order to provide incentives to states who are willing to have “no-loan tuition rates” at public universities, plus guarantees that loan repayment will not exceed 10 percent of a person’s income. [CNN]

There’s a practice called “vacation cutting,” in which U.S. women are taken abroad by their families to have female genital mutilation performed. This is one of the many ways in which FGM takes place in the U.S., but only three FGM convictions have ever occurred in the States, and none based on vacation cutting, primarily because it’s hard to get a young woman to testify against her own parents. [The Daily Beast]

Vox Day has now gotten involved in the scandal about For Such A Time, the Nazi romance novel that is apparently causing divisions in the romance novel world. Because Vox Day is probably a huge fan of romance novels and is just so passionate about the community, right? Ugh. [RawStory]

A trend is going around YouTube wherein gay vloggers will walk around their cities holding hands, as a social experiment. The results in Jerusalem and Moscow were horrifying – the men in Moscow had a neo-Nazi try to kill them. But in Lisbon, Portugal, vloggers Lorenzo and Pedro were treated like, well, a normal couple holding hands, and overall received a lot of respect, and now they’re advocating for gay couples everywhere to be more public about their affection when it’s safe to do so. So we’re all vacationing in Lisbon this year, right? [Queerty]
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