I Love My Adult Coloring Book!

Adult coloring books, you say? What the hell is this? Well, I recently saw a bunch of gal pals on my social media talk about it and so of course I bought one myself; #squadgoals and all of that nonsense.

But in all honestly, I didn’t just buy one because it looked cool, I heard incredible things like “stress-relief,” “anti-anxiety,” and “relaxation.” If there is anything I need more of in my life it is all three of those.

I also love any opportunity to get back to my childhood self, and this is a perfect way to do that but with a little more sophistication and pizazz.

My favorite so far is the Johanna Basford collection, particularly the Enchanted Forest book which is like Game of Thrones sans boobs but extra woodland creatures.

The easiest way to find ones that work for you is to search on Amazon and merely type in “adult coloring books.” Most books run you from $6-$10.00. A complete steal if you ask me, and cheaper than any cocktail.

I took mine to the beach with some beautiful thin-tipped markers and had the time of my life. I painted the door to one of my castles red to make it – not a menstrual hut – but a Menstrual Palace!

Some of my color schemes are a bit Lisa Frank at the moment, but I hope to improve!