Michigan State Rep. Tried To Fake Gay Prostitute Scandal To Hide Actual Affair

Today in “What the actual hell?”, Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser apparently tried to start a bunch of smear campaigns about himself in order to drown out rumors that might arise from the very real affair he was having with fellow Tea Party Rep. Cindy Gamrat.

One of his big ideas was to start a fake rumor that he had an affair with a gay prostitute!

A now former-House aide recorded Courser instructing him to send all the other Republicans an anonymous email pretending to be a “political enemy,” accusing him of getting caught having sex with a man behind a nightclub in Lansing.



Courser’s plan was to have so many things about him come out that “[i]t will make anything else that comes out after that — that isn’t a video — mundane, tame by comparison,” and people would assume any rumor about the affair was fake also.

Although his aide encouraged him to simply resign should the affair become public, Courser insisted that it was God’s plan for him to serve as a Michigan State Rep. It is in light of this, we imagine, that he has not yet done so now that it’s all in the open.

Naturally, Courser and Gamrat are both married with children. And, as you can imagine, they both feel very strongly about family values, and consider themselves not just Tea Party politicians, but Tea Party gladiators. I like to imagine is what they dress up as during their clandestine motel room meetings. You know, like, with metal suits and tricorn hats and all.

Neither has responded yet, although Michigan Tea Party members will be saying a special prayer for them today.

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