Jon Stewart Signs Off From “The Daily Show”

Last night, Jon Stewart sat down for an epic finale to his 16-year stint as host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” It was not your usual episode — and really, after that two-hour clown show known as the GOP presidential debate, what “Daily Show” fans likely needed and wanted out of Stewart was a little earnest sincerity with the expected giggles.

And what an emo show it was! A long, long list of “Daily Show” correspondents past and present were a practical parade of cameos, there to riff with Stewart, a reminder that his on screen chemistry with the likes of Samantha Bee, Rob Cordry, Steve Carrell, Mo Rocca, John Oliver, Kristen Schaal, and, duh, Stephen Colbert, made for some of the best comedy — and news! — on TV. Even Wyatt Cenac was there … but standing outside the “Daily Show” studios, an intentionally awkward nod to Cenac’s recent comments about a fight the two had over Stewart’s squicky Herman Cain impression.

“You good?” Stewart asked the former correspondent.

“Yeah, I’m good. You good?” replied Cenac.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’d love to see you,” shrugged Stewart.

“I’ll think about it. My social media is blowing up,” Cenac said. It was funny and great.

Colbert showed up at the last second, forcing Stewart to endure a hilarious but deeply earnest show of gratitude on behalf of the entire “Daily Show” team, who then ran out for the world’s best group hug.

But I think my favorite part was the not quite laugh-out-loud, but perfectly weird, “Too Many Cooks”-style, single-take tribute to the entire “Daily Show” production team, full of ridiculous nicknames and inside jokes.

It hard to imagine late night without Jon Stewart at the helm of “The Daily Show,” especially with the presidential campaigns ramping up, and many of the candidates serving up a steaming pile of material — or what Stewart would call “BULLSHIT!” — on a silver platter. But such is life. Thanks for a great 16 years, Jon. You’ll be missed.