Franchesca Ramsey Explains Why The Whitewashing Of “Stonewall” Is BS


Gay couples can now officially foster kids in Nebraska! The state has had a law on the books since 1995 that required a five-tier review for same-sex couples who wanted to provide a foster home, compared to a two-tier review for heterosexual couples, but they’ve been unofficially ignoring the law since 2012. A judge ruled this week that the law is unconstitutional, so gay Nebraskans can be assured that they won’t have to face that headache when they’re trying to help out kids who need homes. [Pink News]



Two women who were sexually harassed in the relatively liberal Saudi Arabian city of Jiddah have come under fire for “arousing” the interest of their harassers, prompting Saudi women’s rights activists to criticize the country’s nonexistent sexual harassment laws and lopsided treatment of women. [ABC News]



Many LGBT activists are planning on boycotting the movie “Stonewall” because it stars cis male actors instead of literally any trans actresses, and the lead character is a white, fictional teenager, despite the overwhelming role trans women of color played in the actual event – it doesn’t even look like STAR House founder and Stonewall rioter Sylvia Rivera will be portrayed in the film. (I mean, WTF?) Franchesca Ramsey explains the outrage in the video above. [YouTube]



Check out the cyberfeminist artwork of Yixin Cen, who’s released a cyberfeminism manifesto and dreamed up a “Data Puncher” that would protect privacy in the age of the hacked iCloud. It’s pretty frickin’ rad. [Art Fag City]