Abbi Of “Broad City” Should Quit Her Job And Lip Sync Forever

Last night’s “Lip Sync Battle” saw your two faves, “Broad City”’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, battle it out, and we are very sorry to say that Abbi unequivocally won this one. Ilana’s comedic prowess is a force to be reckoned with, but just like on “Broad City,” Abbi’s willingness to commit fully to everything she does with a straight face and a dogged earnestness makes every single performance shine.

“Lip Sync Battle” is a strange show, intended for viewers who love celebrities making fools of themselves and drag shows and want both things together in the same 30 minutes of splendor. If you’re a person with a heart and a vague sense of humor, this is a surefire hit. When you add two women who embrace the ridiculous and relish in the joy that comes from poking fun at yourself for sport and profit, the results are fantastic. But, since this is a show that focuses on the skill of the lip sync — a strangely watered down version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”’s decisive lip syncing for your life — what we must focus on here is the performance.

Consider this first round: Ilana takes on that old chestnut, “Hey Ya,” while Abbi dusts off another classic, “The Humpty Dance.” They’re on equal footing, here. Both songs have been played into the ground and require the same amount of commitment — not too much, but not too little, either. Abbi, somehow, nails it.

She knows all the words, but she makes sure you see that she knows all the words. Ilana, for what it’s worth, knows all the words, too, but so does literally everyone who was adjacent to a radio in 2003.

The second round, however, is where Abbi really shines. The choice to take on Jennifer Hudson’s version of Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You” is bold. That’s a song! It’s a lot of song. Abbi, however, does it like you do it when you’re singing it in your mirror at home — with feeling, with passion, with full commitment.

That is how you lovingly wipe the floor with your best friend. Take notes.