Wait, What? Ryan Adams Is Recording Taylor Swift’s 1989 In The Style Of The Smiths

Alt-country crooner Ryan Adams has apparently fallen under Taylor Swift’s spell. Yesterday, Adams posted on Twitter and Instagram that he was recording all of the songs from her hit record, 1989, but covered in the style of The Smiths. Huh. In a universe that was functioning normally, this would actually turn out to be a joke, an elaborate troll at Taylor’s expense, but shit must be all out of wack, because Adams appears to be serious! He even posted a snippet of his take on “Welcome to New York,” which frankly sounds nothing like The Smiths and exactly like Bruce Springsteen:

It’s unclear if Swift was already a Ryan Adams fan, but it’s safe to say she is now. She tweeted her excitement thusly:

I like Ryan Adams fine enough, I think 1989 is fine enough, but for the life of me I can’t understand why Ryan Adam is covering all of 1989, unless it’s part of his plan to woo Taylor into being his next nubile pop star wife, now that he and Mandy Moore are divorced. It just doesn’t seem remotely necessary. But hey, if you thought “Shake It Off” could have been way more depressing, get excited! [Pitchfork]