Someone Wrote A Nazi-Holocaust Survivor Romance Novel


According to a survey from LA’s Metro transit system, sexual harassment on buses and trains in the city is down from last year. Hooray! Only slightly, though – last year’s survey showed that 22 percent of passengers had been sexually harassed, in comparison to 18 percent of bus riders and 21 percent of train riders. Whatever steps forward we can get, right? [Curbed LA]


Male entrepreneurs are 86 percent more likely to be funded by venture capitalists and 59 percent more likely to receive angel investments than their female counterparts. This could be the case for many reasons: Women entrepreneurs might be less likely to seek investment, they might be hesitant to hand control of their businesses over to investors, or venture capital interest in finance over lifestyle businesses might be at play. [The Guardian]


There’s a Christian romance novel about a Jewish woman who gets saved from a firing squad by a Nazi, becomes his secretary under a false name, and falls in love with him because he’s a Nazi with a heart of gold, apparently, and this heaping pile of “Oh for the love of all that is good and right in this world, no” got nominated for two RITA awards. [Jezebel]


And to redeem all of us from the above, here’s a really great interview with the one, the only, the epic and legendary sci-fi writer Ursula K. LeGuin, on the subject of great books. [New York Times]