Sea Turtles Take The Cake At Beach Wedding

The ideal wedding is supposed to be full of of disgustingly warm and affectionate feelings, or as some people call it — magic. Newlyweds Josh Moore and Jeff Calvert received a huge load of unusual magic on their wedding day, when a 100 baby sea turtles hatched at the very moment they made way to their love arch!

The couple was literally forced to pause their ceremony while the dozens of tiny-baby turtles made way through the wedding arch, exhibiting the most adorable plunge into life ever! Members of the Sea Turtles Trackers confirmed that although this is prime hatching season for baby turtles, exact dates and times are never predictable, and this serendipitous moment remains a surprise to all parties connected.

All the guests of the wedding — particularly Josh and Jeff, were overjoyed at the appearance of their surprise guests, because honestly, how can you beat the charming badassery of 100 baby turtles preparing the walkway for your wedding?

Now that the couple has returned to their home in Knoxville, they are planning a large reception for friends and family who missed the initial wedding, and are faithfully collecting turtle memorabilia to keep their memories fresh, and hopefully invite future baby animals to partake in their life milestones.

If someone else doesn’t adapt this whole scenario into the plot for a children’s book about the life-giving and restorative power of love, and beaches, and miraculously punctual turtlebirths, then I certainly will. Naturally, the book-signing will take place on a Florida beach in mid-late summer, and it might involved me stubbornly camping out there with my book-copies and pens until a moment of this magnitude strikes again.

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