Just Look At These Assholes: Classy Women With Trash Mouths Say Horribly Racist Things Edition

The world is full of assholes, but the three that we’ve culled here are a particularly gnarly breed. In honor of our favorite asshole, the racist shitbird on the shores of Lake Michigan, here are three other terrible people yelling horribly racist shit at other people in 2015, neatly proving that America is still a hurtful and offensive place for many, many people to live in and navigate every single day.

As racist as literally anything that is racist. This is both racist and shitty.

Carlos Vasquez caught a terrible old woman yelling at his mom to “Speak English!” while they were enjoying a pleasant birthday breakfast at an IHOP in LA. The racist old lady yelled some drivel about Nazis, Russians, and implored Vasquez’s mother to go back to Spain — close, I guess, but no cigar, pumpkin. When Vasquez’s mother yells back — in English — that she does indeed speak English, the talking, walking dumpster doesn’t back down. Sure, old people are old people, and you can’t change their racist, dumb ways, but you can sure as shit get mad about it.

As racist as your senile grandma who still says sideways shit that you’ve tried to tell her not to.


Lorraine Syrek of Grand Rapids,Michigan got angry enough about a neighbor’s dog shitting on her lawn that she brought out a pellet gun and screamed the n-word as she brandished the weapon. Someone was nice enough to post her $5,000 bail so she’s out of the slammer and at home now, with strict instructions to leave her neighbors alone.

As racist as that kid in your freshmen year English class who you KNOW says the n-word out loud to himself while listening to A Tribe Called Quest and doing rap hands in the mirror.

Lottie Tomlinson, the little sister of one of the tiny moppets that comprise One Direction, was caught on camera saying the n-word mid song, with her friends.

This has been your Thursday in racism.