Hoverboards Are Real, And Here’s Video To Prove It

Hoverboards are here, they’re real, and they seriously hard to ride, even for pro skateboarders.

Lexus’s Slide hoverboard hovers in this video because it has liquid nitrogen-fueled superconductors in the board, and because the skate park where the video was filmed was specially made with a surface full of magnets. As Gregory Han at Design Milk explains, it’s tough to ride because “without any friction or momentum for the rider to counteract, the body’s sense of equilibrium is challenged to maintain an upright position in much the same way it feels impossible to stand on an inflatable pool lounge for more than a couple of seconds.”

Pro skater Ross McGouran manages to pull off some cool tricks despite the odds, which seems like more of a testament to his physical ability than to the board’s rideability. But hey! We wanted a hoverboard by 2015, and we got a hoverboard by 2015. Thanks, Lexus!


[Design Milk]

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