Happy 30th Birthday To The Guerrilla Girls, The Art World’s Feminist Superheroes

The Times has produced a short video celebrating 30 years of the Guerrilla Girls, the feminist art collective that publicly criticizes the art world for its sexism and hypocrisy while wearing gorilla masks. The group first collaborated on a print in 1985, in response to a 1984 survey exhibition at the MoMA that featured 165 artists, less than 10 percent of whom were women.

Since then, their portfolio has been added to the permanent collection at the Whitney, which has historically been one of their targets. The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has purchased their collection of prints, and is planning a Guerrilla Girls exhibition for January. None of which means that the group has gone back on their criticism: One of their most recent sticker campaigns points out that in the last 30 years, the Guggenheim, Met, MoMA, and Whitney have barely improved their representation of women artists.


Happy birthday, Guerrilla Girls! Thirty years later, the art world needs you more than ever.

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