Busta Rhymes Charged With Assault By Protein Drink

Busta Rhymes truly “Threw It Up” Wednesday night at Steel Gym, when he allegedly threw a box of Lean Body at a gym employee mid-conflict. Apparently, it all started on Tuesday, when Busta attempted to bring a crew of cameramen in to document his workout routine and was denied permission by the gym worker. When he returned Wednesday to buy water and protein shakes he was refused service, and immediately got angry, throwing water on the employee, only to immediately receive a watery backlash.

The two got into it until “The Big Bang” when Busta threw the Lean Body at the employee, causing them to stop, “Fire” and “Call The Ambulance.”

Rhymes was then arrested and charged with second degree assault. He is scheduled to return to court November 6th, but in the meantime is back in the studio doing it all.

Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Busta’s gym routine or he’ll try to “Break Ya Neck!”

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