Brave Man Sues Wife Over Cruel, Deceptive Makeup

In what is an indisputable act of bravery, a man in Algeria is suing his bride for fraud after being brutally deceived by her makeup throughout the course of their engagement. His conniving fiancée reportedly used heavy makeup to make herself appear beautiful as a strategy to trick him into marriage with her real fleshface, a dastardly human face free of the embellishments of lipstick or mascara.

Naturally, when this poor man woke up the morning after his wedding night and found his wife’s face washed and bare of all her weaponized makeup he felt horrified, in deep psychological pain and ultimately at a loss for words. His wife, who obviously had planned this trauma all along, was immediately accused of the crime of fraud, and he sought rightful justice by way of suing for $20,000 for “psychological damage.”

What a hero, what a survivor, I hope he receives the justice he deserves and she thinks twice before terrorizing another man with the violence of her natural human face. [Emirates247]