Bill Cosby To Testify In Fresh, New Lawsuit Brought By One Of His Victims

  • Bill Cosby will be deposed in a lawsuit brought against him by Judy Huth, who alleges that Cosby drugged and sexually molested her when she was 15, in a 1974 party at the Playboy Mansion. Cosby was supposed to testify in June, but his team tried to argue that Huth should testify first. That was swiftly denied, and so here we are. Huth’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, will be going for blood, and this lawsuit is one of the only ones that’s seeking damages for his alleged actions. The deposition will take place sometime in the fall. [Reuters]
  • Free diver Natalia Molochovna, the first woman to break the 100-meter mark, set out on a routine dive Sunday and hasn’t surfaced. According to her son, “It seems she’ll stay in the sea. I think she would like that.” His positive outlook on a weird tragedy is refreshing, to say the least. [New York Times]
  • You can get Beyonce-approved flash tats now, if looking like a 20-something PR princess who summers in Montauk is of interest to you. [Flash Tats]
  • People won’t stop giving Kate Mara shit after she cut her hair, so I’m hoping she and Keri Russell are having a strong drink somewhere while trading tips about pomade. [E! Online]
  • If you care about football, then you know that Tom Brady is going through some things with regards to deflated footballs. His emails, however, are a delight. If today is already too much, think about Tom Brady getting super-fussed over the fact that he can’t get a white pool cover. Think about him throwing a tantrum via a pecked email, like a giant baby. Feels good, right? [NY Post]
  • A mercenary is defined as a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army. What you didn’t know is that it’s also what Blake Lively was like in the delivery room. Sure, Ryan Reynolds. Sure. [Us Weekly]
  • Soon, you will be able to play a Nicki Minaj game on your phone, just like that time you lost hours of your life sending Kim Kardashian to photo shoots in Punta Mita. [The Verge]
  • Trans* actress Bethany Black has been cast to star in an episode of “Doctor Who”! Fabulous news, all around. [PinkNews]