Your Dream Boyf Idris Elba Is The First Man To Cover Maxim*

Here’s your fantasy boyfriend, Idris Elba, all stony-eyed and impassive and smoldering, on the cover of reformed dude-mage Maxim. Look at him, wrapped in that coat. Are you cold? Is the air conditioner in the office too high? Let Idris give you his overcoat. Feel better? I bet you do, because now, he’s shirtless. What a world.

This appears to be Maxim’s attempt at distancing itself from its wet-white-tee-and-nipples past, and from what I can see, it’s working, kinda. Welcome to the world, nu-Maxim. May you start objectifying men just as you objectified women.


*According to Maxim, Ben Stiller was technically on a limited edition cover of the mag in 2007, but the actual cover was this, featuring Erica Durance. With apologies to Mr. Stiller, who is definitely a man, Idris is still notable for both his hotness and the fact that he is the first man on the cover in a very, very long time.