Meek Mill Is Threatening Drake’s Underpants, Wants To Give Him A Wedgie

In the latest installment of 2 Grown Men Being Petty As Fuck, Meek Mill responded to Drake’s blistering, meme-filled performance at OVO Fest this weekend with a half-hearted freestyle and the menacing threat that when he sees Drake and his crew, he’s gonna give them a wedgie.

Meek also chose to call out Drake’s previous beefs with Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar, and shouted out Quentin Miller, Drake’s supposed ghostwriter, once again.

Presumably, Nicki Minaj is silently texting under the table at dinner while Meek tells her about what he’s going to say next, and plotting her escape to an island far away where she doesn’t have to deal with any of these men and their shit anymore.

[h/t Vulture]