Mariah Carey Cast In Next Season Of Empire, Says Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels says that Mariah Carey, the elusive chanteuse herself, will be joining the cast of Empire next season. Which actually kind of makes me want to watch Glitter again. Remember Glitter? [Variety]

Kate Pierson of the B-52s married her longtime partner Monica Coleman in Hawaii, and the pictures are gorge. Also you should know that she is seriously the nicest lady ever. Super happy for them! Yay! [Out Magazine]

Brooke Hogan, whose father the Hulk has recently been criticized for being a gross racist, says she has been the victim of racism also, because one time someone told her that white people smell like bologna. Ok then. [The Superficial]

Robin Thicke, age 38, is already engaged to his 20 year-old girlfriend of 8 months. Guess he got over Paula Patton pretty fast. [NYDailyNews]

Taylor Swift will soon testify in court, as she is being sued by clothing brand “Lucky 13″ for trademark infringement. [E! Online]

“The Wiz” has found it’s Dorothy in 18 year-old New Jersey Shanice Williams! Be sure to bust out the Kleenex before watching the video showing her finding out she made it. Also, David Alan Grier will play the Cowardly Lion! [Vulture]

If you’ve ever desperately desired to hear Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus cover Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” with Steel Panther, now is your chance. Enjoy! [Rolling Stone]

18 year-old Josiah Duggar broke up with his girlfriend, is available for hot dates as long as they don’t involve any touching, and you don’t mind that his family covered up all that child molesting. [Defamer]

Nicolle Wallace is leaving “The View” rather than take a demotion. She’ll now be covering Donald Trump’s campaign for MSNBC, which seems like a worse one. [Deadline]

George W. Bush had to show up for jury duty, but no one picked him to serve. [Buzzfeed]

Zoe Kravitz and Chelsea Tyler are totally embarrassed by their dads talking about their dicks on Twitter. Which, let’s just say, is very understandable. [Jezebel]

Keith Richards said the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper” is “a mishmash of rubbish.” Still not worse than “Yellow Submarine” though. [Time]