Kevin Bacon Offers To Serve Up The Sausage In PSA On Male Nudity

Kevin Bacon managed to multiply his levels of endearing this week by demanding Hollywood #FreeTheBacon in his humorous PSA about male nudity. As Bacon so delightfully points out, Hollywood is oversaturated with not only female nudity, but often gratuitous female nudity, and it’s reached such a point that not only is it unsurprising, but it’s downright expected in film and television.

His solution to this quandary? More men leveling up and revealing their meats to us! Bacon is no hypocrite, and boldly offers himself as a leading pioneer and example of this trend, offering to #FreeTheBacon in all his future, past and present roles. All obvious jokes aside, Kevin brings up extremely valid points that are telling of Hollywood’s hypocrisy and sexism – is the constant nudity necessary for the “art form” or abused for pure sexual exploitation? The gendered results would suggest the latter.

And so with that, I raise my glass to Kevin’s proposal, sitting eager and ready to witness him and other actors take up this mantel and #FreeTheBacon for equality! Sometimes the hero we need is pants optional [People]