Jeb Bush: I Support Women’s Health, Just Not Vagina-Related Health

After brazenly telling conservative supporters he thinks the next president should defund Planned Parenthood, and that “women’s issues” just don’t deserve as much as half a billion dollars, Jeb Bush is now swallowing his words and assuring people that he misspoke, and he does in fact support women’s health.

Bush let his critics know that there are in fact many “clinics, community health centers and women’s health organizations” that he believes merit support, but that the “monstrous” amount of money Planned Parenthood sucks up for “women’s issues” is absolutely unnecessary.

Which makes me wonder if he realizes that Planned Parenthood provides far more efficient, wide-spanning healthcare than many small clinics could provide, and only three percent of that service is abortion (the likes of which GOP members love to convolute into some baby-killing, fetal tissue selling conspiracy)?

Not surprisingly to anyone slightly conscious, Jeb’s backtracking appears to be no more than an obvious acquiesce to the immediate barrage of criticism and backlash he received for his wide-sweeping statements. There was no mention of specific clinics he’d support and no reference to the (obvious) reality that Planned Parenthood has done the lion’s share of widespread healthcare for women – instead there was a weak coverup immediately downplayed by his perpetually ignorant shrugging off of “women’s issues.”

Because in his mind women are secondary, despite outnumbering men.