Cecil Supporters Shower Walter Palmer’s Home With Pig’s Feet

Nothing screams justice quite like scattering disembodied animal parts in front of the home of an endangered species hunter, or at least that was the logic used by those who vandalized the home of Walter Palmer Tuesday morning.

The infamous dentist known for hunting Cecil the Lion reportedly awoke to find his garage door vandalized with the words “Lion Killer,” and what appeared to be marinated pig’s feet scattered all over his driveway.

Beyond the obvious questions of who did this, and what productive purpose they thought it would serve (do they really think this will bring Cecil back? Or that Palmer ever plans to hunt again after this whole ordeal?), I wanna know WHERE THEY GOT THE PIG’S FEET! Did these animal lovers sacrifice their dearest pet pig Georgio as a slanted act of justice for the slain Cecil? Was it all an elaborate plan concocted with fake pig’s feet?

It’s hard not to feel simultaneous feelings of support and annoyed wonder at this particular act of vandalism, I keep imagining if these people got more outlandish with their methods and started collecting mannequin parts to throw at the houses of murderers, or monopoly money to throw at the houses of Wall Street Bankers. Oh what a world this would be! [Yahoo]