Why You Should Keep The Plastic Things ON Your Earrings (Since Everyone Is Talking About It)

Hot topic! To take the plastic thingie off the back of your earring, or not to take the plastic thingie off the back of your earring! It’s being discussed, largely due to this tweet from 19-year-old Chelsea Smith, who says she recently discovered that the plastic thingies were unnecessary.

According to Us Weekly, minds are being blown all over the place from this discovery, and women are ditching the plastic backs left and right.

Is it true? Are they really unnecessary? Not entirely! It’s maybe true for earrings like those — tiny studs, if you only really wear tiny studs — BUT … #notallearrings, #notallpiercings. You’re not technically “supposed” to remove them, but you can if you want.

I worked in jewelry sales for a good chunk of my life, so I have some opinions on this.

Now, first of all, the main reason those plastic thingies exist is so they look better on display cards. If stores don’t have them on, the earrings tip forward and droop and look all fakakta.

However! They actually do have a purpose outside of that! They stabilize your earrings to keep them from drooping on you.


This might not be a thing that you need! However, if you tend to wear bigger earrings like I do, or if you ever wear vintage button earrings or large studs, if you have thin earlobes, or if the hole in your ear isn’t quite as tight as it used to be, these plastic things are quite useful. They keep the earring stabilized and balanced and looking the way you want it to. The stabilizing factor also makes them feel lighter and puts less pressure on your lobes–which, again, is good if you are fond of big earrings.

Also, even if your earrings don’t droop now, you don’t want them stretching out anyway, because then they will. You know how sometimes you see older ladies who wore big earrings forever, and you can tell by the holes in their ears being all long and stuff? Or how some women actually need to get their earring holes stitched up in order to wear earrings because they’ve gotten too big? You don’t want that. You don’t want your earrings to be pulling on your ears if you are wearing larger or heavier earrings.

They actually even sell things to help keep your earrings in place and stabilized, so I say you might as well keep the free ones.

To boot, having a big flat back on your earrings is pretty helpful if you drop it on the floor, as it’s less likely to roll under your dresser.

But, I say, do what you want! If you want to take the plastic things off, take them off, if you want to leave them on, leave them on. It’s up to you!

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