Robots Are Coming For Men’s Jerrrrrrrbs

According to a study from two Oxford researchers, robots are coming for men’s jobs. Automation is making many career skills obsolete, particularly those that involve “perception and manipulation, often in conjunction with physical exertion,” as in the case of construction work or truck driving, as well as pattern recognition, as in the case of, for instance, commodities trading. Or, as Rob Beschizza at Boing Boing put it: “Is your task routine? Is the contextual data it requires available to machine vision, or present in organized data sets?” If so, your job may be at risk.

No wonder they killed HitchBOT.

Not at risk are jobs that depend on intuition and emotional judgment, which tend to be jobs occupied by women, such as nursing, secretarial work, and child care. Fancy that! All those internet misogynists were wrong; braun does not, in fact, make a person automatically more deserving of a wage, and emotional fluency is valuable.

Don’t worry, though, I’m not actually celebrating. Since so much of the workforce occupies jobs that are susceptible to automation, this could actually become a socio-economic nightmare. We obviously need more skill training for jobs that are intuitive, if those are the jobs that will survive in the future.

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