Lenny Kravitz’s Dick Wanted To Get Some Fresh Air, Showed Itself On Stage

If you enhance and zoom in on that video up there, you can see Lenny Kravitz’s dick, free after an intense conversation with the pants it was trapped in. “Are you going to go my way?” hissed the pants. The dick respectfully declined, preferring the freedom of the open air over the sweaty interior of a leather pant.

What really happened was Kravitz was performing in Sweden when his athletic moves caused the possibly-cock-ringed penis to break free from its leather prison, in order to feel the fresh Swedish air on its little dick head.

There it is, in its full glory, winking at you, the rapt viewer. It’s a good dick, right? A decent dick. A solid dick. Be free, Lenny, and be free, Lenny’s dick. The time is nigh to fly away.


Here is a gif of his dick, swinging in the breeze like a slinky.