Kelly Osbourne To Donald Trump: If Latinos Are Kicked Out, “Who Is Going To Clean Your Toilet?”

  • Today in Misguided Liberals Failing At Not Being Racist: Kelly Osbourne responded to Donald Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans and illegal immigrants with a little racism of her own. While guest hosting “The View” this morning, Osbourne said, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Oy. Host Rosie Perez reminded Kelly that not all maids are Latino and Osbourne clarified a bit, but the damage was done. Twitter reacted, with many calling out Osbourne for making blanket statements rooted in stereotypes and for trivializing the work many immigrants, both legal and illegal, do in this country to support their families. Osbourne later apologized, admitting she “wholeheartedly fucked up.” [E! Online; Mediaite]
  • The latest Sex Diary over at The Cut — from an indie rocker who loves natural pubic hair — is the douchiest thing I’ve read this week. A sample: “I put a finger in her asshole because I feel like she’s maybe the kind of woman who wouldn’t mind that. And I was right.” []
  • I hate Donald Trump, but I’m not going to deny that he made lemonade out of lemons after Gawker outed his phone number yesterday – he recorded a new outgoing message about his campaign and then started tweeting the number himself. Well played. [Newser]
  • Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has ended his engagement to Perrie Edwards. She is devastated, while millions of teenage girls think they’ve finally got a shot. [People]
  • Oh hey look, Zooey Deschanel had that baby I forgot she was pregnant with — a girl! — and she also apparently married the baby daddy, Jacob Pechenik, in secret. Double mazels! [ABC News]
  • Comedian Issa Rae had a YouTube series that went viral, but she’s had a tough time finding the same success on TV. This fantastic profile in the New York Times Magazine tries aims to find out why. [NY Times]
  • Oof, things still aren’t going so well for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards. She was busted for shoplifting over the weekend. [Just Jared]
  • Forget #FreeTheNipple, Kevin Bacon wants people to #FreeTheBacon, by which he means penis. [Jezebel]
  • Kristen Stewart is denying that she has eternal Resting Bitch Face and says, “I actually smile a lot.” I wish we would stop harping on RBF to begin with — who walks around with a crazy grin on their face for no reason? [Us Weekly]