Hillary Clinton, ACLU & Others Give Schools Advice On Supporting Trans* Students


Five organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU, worked together to release a publication titled “Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools.” The publication is, as the title suggests, meant to empower schools to support non-binary and transitioning students. It covers legal issues, how to deal with unsupportive parents, and the dangers of bullying. [The Advocate]



It’s not just a pay gap women have to worry about – it’s a pension gap, too. In Britain, the average male pensioner makes £4,800 more than the average female pensioner per year. David Cameron’s government is trying to give women more opportunities to save for retirement, but without much headway, so far. [The F Word]



A board game for girls from the 1960s called “What Shall I Be?” included shame tokens for bad makeup, being overweight, and being a slow thinker. Also, the main careers available seem to be model, airline hostess, actress, ballet dancer, and nurse. Dream big, girls! [Boing Boing]



The FDA has approved the world’s first 3D-printed pill, which dissolves as fast as a conventionally-made pill. Several medical uses have been found for 3D printing, not least in prosthetics, and it’s made the process of producing medical instruments much less expensive – hopefully, that could also be the case for 3D-printed drugs. [The Guardian]
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