Abbi Is Going To Wipe The Floor With Ilana On “Lip Sync Battle,” Sorry ‘Bout It

Here is Abbi Jacobson positively bodying a lip sync of Jennifer Hudson’s version of the seminal fuck-you-I’m-leaving-bye anthem, “And I Am Telling You,” on this Thursday’s episode of “Lip Sync Battle.” The emotion! The grit! The embodiment of all that came before her, somehow, from Jennifer Holliday to Jennifer Hudson to that girl who did this on “X Factor” in 2011. Even though it looks like Abbi’s “Broad City” cohort Ilana does a fairly passable rendition of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” in this exclusive clip over at Vulture, it’s fair to say that Abbi is most likely going to take this one.

To prepare yourself for Thursday’s faceoff, watch the battle of the two Jennifers, above and below.