You Can Now Call Donald Trump And Ask If His Refrigerator Is Running

Last month, Donald Trump released Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number to the public during a televised speech and suggested that people call him. Now, Sam Biddle of Gawker has obtained The Donald’s phone number and released it, in the spirit of turnabout being fair play.

Had Donald Trump not done the same to someone else, I would think this was a pretty crappy thing to do. However, perhaps this breach of his own privacy will teach him a lesson he clearly needs to learn.

You probably won’t get Donald on the phone, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his number fairly soon–but, feel free to call 917-756-8000 and leave a message on his machine asking him if his refrigerator is running, if he has Prince Albert in a can, why he thinks all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, if he raped his wife, or simply some classic heavy breathing. It is up to you, my friends! Do with this information what you will.