Watch This Helpful Explainer About Planned Parenthood And The Senate Vote


The Obama administration’s new HIV plan, unveiled last week, puts a heavy emphasis on the HIV prevention drug Truvada. The drug comes with a stigma, but it’s been shown to reduce the likelihood of contracting HIV by 92 percent. HIV infections are still at a rate of 50,000 per year. [Buzzfeed]


In the run up to the Senate vote on funding for Planned Parenthood, Vox has made a helpful short video explaining the controversy surrounding the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover videos, and what exactly Planned Parenthood is and isn’t doing with fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood has been compared to Nazis by conservative pundits, and many are expecting that the Senate will vote to defund. [Vox]


After a female protester was charged by the Chinese government with “assaulting” a police officer with her breast, activists have taken to the streets with bras and taken up the charge that “breasts are not weapons.” As one activist told CNN, “I believe we are all baffled as to how a breast attack works.” [CNN]


Read this profile of art dealer Megan Piper and artist Nettie Wakefield, two British women who are shaking up the gender imbalance in the art world. [Refinery 29]