This “Zoolander 2″ Trailer Will Make The Last 14 Years Of Your Life

Gaaaaaah! There’s a new trailer out for “Zoolander 2″! (“2oolander”?) Are you excited? Are you clapping enthusiastically? Are you blasting Wham! from your windows and stepping outside with three friends to recreate the gas station scene with your hose? Have you been waiting for the last 14 years to hear any inkling of information whatsoever about a “Zoolander” followup? Every time you think about “Zoolander,” do you get a wistful look on your face? Every time you visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, do you think to yourself, “If you put a giant book on top of this building, it would look an awful lot like the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good”? Because I do.

Anyway, this trailer is heavy on the “Derek Zoolander is unintelligent” angle, and it makes the movie seem like it’s going to be just incredibly un-witty, and that’s fine, because it’s playing to the 14-year-old in us all who loved the original “Zoolander” for being just incredibly un-witty. Oh, and by the way, no, that is not actually Stephen Hawking.

It’s another year away, guys. Let me frame it for you this way: It took Ben Stiller eight or nine years to get through the process of writing “Tropic Thunder” with Justin Theroux, and that movie was nominated for and won so many awards. Fourteen years from “Zoolander” to “Zoolander 2″? I’m just assuming that it’s going to be great.


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