Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Bell Suffer Through The World’s Worst Interview

Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell have been making the publicity rounds for their newest movie, “The Fantastic Four.” Most interviews have been pretty standard. The interview above, with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 Morning Show host Southside Steve and Jason Bailey, was not.

When the interviewer asks the “obvious” question about Mara and Jordan’s characters being siblings, Jordan smoothly tries to steer the conversation away.

Interviewer: From what I’ve seen, you’re brother and sister?

Michael B. Jordan: Yep.

Interviewer: Am I missing something?

Michael B. Jordan: Nope.

When the interview continues to badger on the topic of how a black man and a white woman could ever conceivably exist as siblings, in any realm, without backstory or a neat, tidy explanation, Jordan does his best to diffuse the situation, saying that there are “family dynamics,” and that you don’t necessarily need blood ties to consider someone your sibling.

Satisfied with this answer and in need of offending someone else, the interviewers turn to the subject of Kate Mara’s hair, shorter now than it was before. Because it’s difficult to comprehend why a woman would cut off the source and power of her feminine wiles for, god forbid, work, or any other reason, the interviewers continue to needle away, insisting that Kate Mara is still “hot,” but that her long hair was beautiful.

“You’re gonna grow your hair back out?” Bailey asks at the end of the interview.

“I promise,” Mara says.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if celebrities could just sit through endless press junkets without having to deal with morons literally struck dumb by their presence?