Amy Schumer Calls For Gun Control After “Trainwreck” Theater Shooting

Last month, John Russell Houser opened fire on a theater full of people watching “Trainwreck.” This month, Amy Schumer is joining forces with her cousin (did you know they were cousins? I did know know they were cousins!) Sen. Chuck Schumer to advocate for better gun control.

Today, Schumer will join Senator Schumer as he unveils a three point plan for gun control focused on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. The plan will also include financial incentives for states that submit all necessary information into the national background check program.

In addition to this, Sen. Schumer will also be calling on Congress to “preserve mental health funding and substance abuse programs.”

Hopefully this will actually do something, although my expectations are pretty low. At some point, we have to get real about gun control and we also need to start to undo the Reagan-era damage to the mental health system. We have to say that there are some people who should not have guns.

In fact, I think that in order to have a gun, one should actually have to go through something similar to a driver’s license test. We don’t just let anyone drive! We make sure they know how to drive first! For safety! We don’t let blind people drive, or people who have had DUIs, or children or people with certain forms of epilepsy or narcolepsy. We should take people owning guns as seriously as we take people driving cars, at the very least. Both are things that can be dangerous in the wrong hands, as John Russell Houser proved last month.