Troll Tells Woman Not To Eat Cake, Women And Friends Eat ALL THE CAKE

Sewing blogger Jenny Rushmore – a.k.a. Cashmerette – just wanted to plan her goddamned bathing suit this week. And it looks like a cute-ass bathing suit!

Planning my beach body, my making a @heatherlou #bombshell swimsuit, of course #BeachBodyReady

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Then, because the internet is terrible, a troll popped in and told her, “Ugh, you don’t have a beach body. You should eat less cake.” If you look at Rushmore’s Instagram account, it is chock-full of positivity (and fabric samples). The fact that someone would horn in on that positivity to tell Rushmore that her body is not acceptable to them as a rando on the internet is unsurprising but nonetheless exhausting. But Rushmore, in typically Cashmerette style, responded thusly:  

The hashtag #CakeWithCashmerette then went viral, with followers posting pictures of themselves eating delicious, delicious cake.

Chocolate cake (brownies)! Me and my boy eating cake!!! #cakewithcashmerette

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Moral of the story? Don’t poke the cake lion, trolls. The cake lion will eat all the cake.

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