Go Get Your Phone And Watch This Foals Video – NOW!

OH MY GOD GUYS, GET OUT YOUR FUCKING PHONES. The band Foals released a video for their track “Mountain At My Gates” that’s interactive if you open it with the YouTube app; you’re meant to stand in one place and move the phone around while you watch it. I’d tell you what happens, but I’d rather that you get the full sense of delight and wonderment that I did. (It’s totally possible that I am a rube and just didn’t know about 360˚ playback while everyone else was onto this, but whatever, IT’S STILL AMAZING.)

It was shot with a GoPro – which, frankly, I thought that the whole GoPro thing was played out, but apparently people are just going to keep finding cool new uses for them – and helmed by director Nabil for United Realities, an augmented and virtual reality firm. If this is the future of music videos, I may actually start watching music videos again.




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