Cleanse Your Crystals And Your Spirit, Too, Because Tonight Is A Blue Moon

High in the sky, twinkling and winking above you as you frolic in the mid-summer air, the moon will hang heavy and low and blue. If you’re prone to the vagaries of the New Age movement, get out your crystals and ready your Yoni, because tonight is a ~blue moon~.

A blue moon is just the second full moon in a month. Since this is the second full moon in July, it’s the blue one. Here is some more explanation from The Verge:

The event is pretty rare; there are 29.53 days between each full moon, and only 365.24 days in the year. That means there are 12.37 full moons each year. That extra .37 adds up over time, so every two to three years, you get 13 full moons in one year. The last blue moon happened in August 2012, and the next one won’t happen until January 2018.

Nothing really significant happens during a blue moon. The moon is going to look like the same moon you saw last night, and the night before that, too. It’s just going to be full — luminous, heavy, big — hanging in the sky. If you’re so inclined, sweep up the crystals you have arranged in a bowl on your coffee table and lie them under the moon’s beautiful light. Or, go about your day. It doesn’t really mean anything! It happens every now and then. Just as long as you remember — it’s actually just the moon. Nothing really to see here.

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