“Because She Laughed At Me”: Killer Explains Why He Shot Family Trying To Help Him

This Wednesday in Montana, a man named Jesus Deniz shot and killed a couple who pulled over to try and help him when he was stranded. He also shot their daughter, who survived and is currently in surgery.

Forty-seven-year-old Tana Shane passed by the stranded motorist on her way home, and asked him what was wrong. He told her he ran out of gas. Shane then went back to her house on a nearby reservation, picked up her husband and daughter and returned to help him out.

But when they arrived, Deniz then pulled a gun on them, told them to get out of their car, demanded their money and told them to start running. He shot and killed Tana and Jason Shane–with Tana yelling at her daughter Jorah to keep running in Crow. Tana and Jason died, and Jorah was shot in the back. She made it to a passing car for help as Deniz continued to fire. 

He then drove off in their car.

After he was caught, FBI investigators asked him why he did this to a group of people who were only trying to help him. He said that he was tired of waiting, and that he saw 26-year-old Jorah Shane laughing at him.

This man killed two people and shot another because he thought a woman laughed at him

Because a woman laughed at him.

He didn’t think twice, just pulled out his gun and shot them. He then told investigators this. He said that he shot them because she laughed at him. He thought that was a valid reason. He was so enraged by a woman supposedly laughing at him, that he killed two people and wounded one.

The first thing I thought about after reading this was that Margaret Atwood quote, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

Just last week, a man shot 11 people, killing two women, in a theater full of people there to see an Amy Schumer movie because he was mad about feminism.

Again, Elliot Rodger. Again, George Sodini. Again, Seung-Hui Cho. Not to mention Chris Plaskon who killed a girl who turned down his prom invitation. Not to mention the fact that most serial killers target women.

Yes, none of these people are normal, average humans. But every time I hear about something like this, as a woman, I feel sick and I feel scared. It feels scary to me that there are men out there who react to these things with such horrific violence.

“Because she laughed at me.”

“Because she laughed at me.”

Because she laughed at me.”

To think that you could be dead, or be an orphan, in an instant because you insulted some man’s fragile masculinity by laughing at him, or even merely appearing to laugh at him? That’s frightening as hell.

There’s too much of this. There’s a reason these men go to this particular well over and over and over again, and we need to get at the root of it and start working it out. Because it’s not just one lone nut anymore. We can’t keep saying “Oh it’s just this one guy though and clearly he’s crazy.” It’s all too common, and there’s a reason for that.