President Obama Will Announce New AIDS Strategy


President Obama will be unveiling a new plan to address HIV and AIDS in the United States today, including more widespread testing, expanded treatment across the Southern states, and support for more comprehensive HIV treatment. While HIV infection rates have improved over the last several decades, and even since President Obama was elected in 2008, the disease remains an epidemic in America. [The Advocate]


Being shackled during childbirth causes tremendous pain to the mother, jeopardizes mothers’ safety, and has been ruled to violate Constitutional rights – and yet the practice is still extremely widespread for incarcerated mothers. The issue has finally moved up to the federal level, with two senators proposing legislation that would bar it, but that legislation will be difficult to put into practice. [The Daily Beast]


A Hong Kong woman who was participating in a protest about cross-border trading has been sentenced to three and a half months of jail for allegedly assaulting a police officer with her breast. The officer says, basically, that she pushed against him with her breast in order to accuse him of indecent assault. That all sounds totally legit. [TIME]


Photographer Nadia Lee Cohen is working on a project titled 100 Naked Women, partially because she’s found that nude photography has been liberating for her subjects, and partially in response to online censorship. She says about the project: “I felt compelled to create a project where the females involved were not restricted at all in how much of their bodies they chose to reveal.” [It’s Nice That]

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