Life Dream Status: A House On The Water With No Neighbors

Imagine that you could say the following about your place of residence:

  • “My front and back and side yards are all water!”
  • “My commute involves a canoe!”
  • “My nights are noiseless except for the soothing sound of water rushing by!”
  • “No, seriously, I live in the middle of a fucking river!”
  • “Best of all, I have no neighbors! Literally zero!”

It turns out someone can say all of that. The Sizeland family bought one of the islands in the Thousand Island Chain on the St. Lawrence River – that which divides Canada and the U.S. – and named it, appropriately, Just Enough Room Island. Indeed, it has just enough room for a small house and a tree.

Would that not be the best? I can just imagine days spent swimming in my yard, eating my meals by the waterfront, climbing my lone tree to get up on my roof and stargaze. Why do we not all live like that? (I know the answer is that there are not enough islands in the world, but shhhhhh.)

It turns out, of course, that the Sizelands’ home became a tourist attraction anyway, and they never quite got away from it all. But they dreamed a dream, and they followed that dream, and we can all dream that that dream worked out just dreamily.

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[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

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